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The golf wedge is another variation of the golf iron. It has a similar look, feel and general constitution of a normal golf iron, but with the main exception of it having a much higher loft, quite often it is 45–64 degrees. The use of a golf wedge is generally limited. During a typical round of golf it is best suited for short distance play from close cut grass on a surface level very similar to that of the green.

That being the case, most skillful golfers opt to use a wide-soled, low-bounce wedge. Golf wedges are used for various short-distanced, high accuracy, high altitude shots such as moving the ball towards the green. These are more commonly known as "approach shots".

Golf wedges are also used for accurately placing the ball onto the fairway, lining the ball up for a better shot at the green. These are better known as "lay-up shots". Chipping or hitting the ball out of hazards or the rough onto the green are best negotiated by using the wedge.

There are normally six types of wedges with a range of lofts from 45° to 64° - examples of wedges being:

Pitching wedge (PW 48°),

Gap wedge (GW 52°),

Sand wedge (SW 56°),

Lob wedge (LW 60°),

and Ultra lob wedge (LW 64°).

Wedges can also be used for low trajectory, short chip shots that enable the golfer to roll the ball closer toward the hole.

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