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Golf irons for sale here at Golf Clubs To Buy. A golf iron is so-called because historically the clubhead was normally, not unsurprisingly, made from iron. While the vast majority of modern irons are still made from iron, it is now in virtually every case its more durable and stronger alloy, steel. The club head, the grip and the shaft are the three main components of a golf iron.

The face of the clubhead, which is the area of the golf iron used to strike the ball, is scored with grooves. This particular design allows the ball to spin, thereby enabling the skillful golfer to more easily control the ball. A typical golf bag holding a standard set of 14 golf clubs will contain many irons, which are normally distinguished by the angle of the loft on the clubface.

However, this is not the only distinction as they will also vary in clubhead size, shaft length, and hence lie angle. Golf irons are normally numbered, with the 1 iron having the lowest loft, smallest clubhead and longest shaft, through to the 9 iron and wedges, which have the greatest loft, largest heads and shortest shafts. These differences in characteristics enable different golf irons to be used in various situations during a round of golf.

From the teeing ground, the rough, the fairway, or from within hazards, such as when the unfortunate golfer finds himself stranded in a bunker.

We have some great great golf irons deals available. Check out our golf irons for sale below.

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