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We have a wide variety of golf putters for sale here at Golf Clubs To Buy.

Golf putters are a special type of golf club with a loft not exceeding ten degrees. The golf putter is designed mainly to propel the ball along the ground, normally from a position on the putting green towards the hole. It is a misconception that golf putters do not have a loft.

Actually, putters do have a loft, often 5 degrees from truly perpendicular at impact that helps to lift the ball from any indentation it has made. Nowadays, the newer putters also include grooves on the face of the club. This promotes a rolling action rather than a skid off the impact. This increases the rolling distance and also reduces any bouncing over the turf.

We have a wide selection of golf putters for sale here at Golf Clubs To Buy. Check what we have available and buy securely from the comfort of your own home.

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