Golf Wood Sets

Golf wood sets are commonly known as long-distance clubs. The idea of golf woods is that they are meant to drive the ball a great distance down the fairway towards the ultimate goal of the hole. They generally have a large head and a long shaft. This is so that the club can achieve maximum club speed.

Traditionally golf wood sets were made from Persimmon wood although some manufacturers —notably Ping — developed their wood sets using laminated woods. Also, back in 1979, TaylorMade Golf developed the first metal wood made of steel. Even more recently manufacturers have been manufacturing their golf wood sets using materials such as carbon fibre, scandium or titanium. Nowadays, even though most 'woods' are made from different types of metals, they are still called 'woods' to denote the overall general shape and to confirm their intended use during a round of golf.

The majority of golf wood sets manufactured today have a graphite shaft and a titanium, composite, or steel head. Woods are the longest clubs and are also the most powerful of all the golf clubs to be found in a golf bag. There are normally three to four woods in a golf set which are used off the tee and, if on a particularly long hole, also possibly used for the second or even third shot. The largest golf wood, better known as the driver, is often made of hollowed out titanium with feather light shafts.

Over the years, the length of the woods has progressively increased, and a typical driver with a graphite shaft is now 45.5 inches (115.6 cm) long. It is not uncommon either for the woods to have very large heads also, possibly up to 460 cm³ in volume. It has a greater weight in the head and sole than in any other point in the club. The same can also be said of irons. The shafts also have differing ranges. They can range from regular to extra-stiff depending upon each golfer’s preference. We have many golf wood sets for you to view.

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