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When faced with which golf clubs to buy we have to consider such a wide variety of options. One option is to evaluate the viability of using hybrid golf sets. Hybrid golf sets, or a hybrid, is a type of club designed differently to those designed from irons and woods. The name "hybrid" denotes a genetic mixture of two different types of species with beneficial characteristics taken from both. In hybrid golf sets terms, we are talking about combining the advantages of an iron with the more forgiving nature of a wood.

For many golfers, long irons (the golf clubs numbered 1-4) are difficult to hit even with today's modern clubfaces. This is mainly due to the low trajectory and very small face of the low-loft clubhead. Golfers generally tend to avoid these golf clubs in favour of the supposedly easier to use fairway woods. Having said that, these fairway woods, having longer shafts, have a different swing mechanic that is sometimes more difficult to administer.

As the fairway wood shaft is longer, a lot of room is required to swing, making it particularly unsuitable for "punching out" from underneath trees. Furthermore, the fairway wood clubface is designed to skim over instead of cutting into the turf, which also makes it undesirable for shots from the rough. The solution to this problem for many golfers is to replace the 1-4 irons with hybrids.

Hybrid golf sets are generally designed with a head very similar to a fairway wood; hollow steel or titanium with a shallow, slightly convex face. A hybrid head is normally slightly more shallow and does not extend backwards from the face as far as a comparable fairway wood. A hybrid is designed to be more suitable for tighter and/or firmer lies than the fairway wood. The golf club face incorporates the "trampoline" effect commonly found in most modern woods. This means that the club face deforms slightly, then returns to its previous shape, thereby increasing the impulse applied to the ball at the point of launch. The hybrid's lie and length is similar to an iron.

As it is a relatively new type of golf club to buy, there is no generally acceptable principles or methods governing its design.
Although most hybrids available are as described above, many manufacturers produce hybrid-like irons, which have a golf club face that looks very similar to an iron, but rather than have a muscle-back or cavity-back design these golf clubs have a slightly bulging, high-mass back. Other golf club manufacturers produce club heads where the faces are flat like an iron's, but otherwise the shape is more wood-like.

These "iron alternative replacements" perform and swing almost exactly the same as irons, the main exception being in the added weight which slows club head speed but increases force and power when applied at a given club speed. This allows a swing to cut through sand or turf with greater momentum remaining at the point of contact. These hybrid club sets are preferred by players with slower speed swings. Other club manufacturers produce what is called "true" hybrids with a convex wood-inspired face. As you can see, hybrid golf sets are a worthwhile consideration as they offer great versatility.

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